tirupati bala ji

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History of Tirupati Balaji

Temple History

It is believed that the history of the temple from the 9th century starts, the ruling dynasty of the Pallavas of Kanchipuram had established their authority over the area, but after the 15th century Vijayanagar dynasty, the temple's fame was limited. After the 15th century, the temple's fame began to circulate far and wide. 1843 1933. Under the British rule, the temple abbot of the monastery Hatiramji handled by management. In 1933, the Madras government take over the temple management, and an independent management committee 'Tirumala-Tirupati' handed in the hands of the management of the temple. Andhra Pradesh state committee after being restructured, and a civil servant was appointed as the representative of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Main shrine

The sacred and ancient temple of Sri Venkateswara is located on top of Mount Venktadri the seventh, which is located along Sri Swami Puskarni the pond. Therefore here is known to Lord Venkateswara Balaji. India is one of the few temples, which are open to the tails of all adherents. Alvares mythology and ancient literature sources such as articles in Kaliyuga to seek blessings of Lord Venkateswara is possible only after the liberation. More than fifty thousand pilgrims come to visit the temple everyday. In the protection of these pilgrims, TTD is fully supervised.